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Issue 9325015: Merge 106603 - BMW Car Configuration Page doesn't work (Only manifests in Chromium) (Closed)

8 years, 10 months ago by abarth-chromium
8 years, 10 months ago
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Merge 106603 - BMW Car Configuration Page doesn't work (Only manifests in Chromium) Reviewed by Dimitri Glazkov. When we autogenerated the event factory, we missed the check for whether touch events were enabled at runtime: This patch adds the check back. Unfortunately, there isn't a testing frame work for RuntimeEnabledFeatures. The main difficulty is that these static bools need to be set when WebKit is initialized and can't be changed (which is why they're not part of WebCore::Settings). To test them properly, we'd need a testing framework that booted up WebKit for each test. We could test this particular change (which doesn't need the bool to be constant through the runtime of WebKit), but that would create a sandtrap for future patches who might thing that this testing framework can really be used to test RuntimeEnabledFeatures. The net result is that Chromium is going to end up living with the non-default codepath for these settings being untested, which will lead to regressions like this one. If we ened up with a bunch of these regressions, we'll likely end up with a testing framework similar to Chromium's browsers_tests, which create a fresh subprocess for each test. * dom/ * dom/ (defaultItemFactory): (generateImplementation): Committed:

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