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Unified Diff: Source/core/css/MediaList.idl

Issue 14751005: Support for latest WebIDL for indexed property getters. (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: do not generate enumerator in case of WebKitCSSKeyframesRule Created 7 years, 8 months ago
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Index: Source/core/css/MediaList.idl
diff --git a/Source/core/css/MediaList.idl b/Source/core/css/MediaList.idl
index 46ef79ec0771400c07b37e70679eb7a67284c7e9..248a092976e53e5e67b229ac00c508f947e54327 100644
--- a/Source/core/css/MediaList.idl
+++ b/Source/core/css/MediaList.idl
@@ -25,14 +25,13 @@
// Introduced in DOM Level 2:
- IndexedGetter,
] interface MediaList {
[TreatNullAs=NullString, TreatReturnedNullStringAs=Null, SetterRaisesException] attribute DOMString mediaText;
readonly attribute unsigned long length;
- [TreatReturnedNullStringAs=Null] DOMString item([Default=Undefined] optional unsigned long index);
+ [TreatReturnedNullStringAs=Null] getter DOMString item([Default=Undefined] optional unsigned long index);
[RaisesException] void deleteMedium([Default=Undefined] optional DOMString oldMedium);
[RaisesException] void appendMedium([Default=Undefined] optional DOMString newMedium);

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