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Unified Diff: chrome/browser/webdata/autofill_table.h

Issue 12543034: Move creation of the various WebDatabaseTable types out of WebDatabase. (Closed) Base URL: svn://
Patch Set: Fix Windows release builds (COMDAT folding combined static functions being used for keys. Created 7 years, 9 months ago
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Index: chrome/browser/webdata/autofill_table.h
diff --git a/chrome/browser/webdata/autofill_table.h b/chrome/browser/webdata/autofill_table.h
index c0a076c6248da9a32211b89a57eb55e153a71195..72e5850293d9d98358f3d7e772f4deca67458dd6 100644
--- a/chrome/browser/webdata/autofill_table.h
+++ b/chrome/browser/webdata/autofill_table.h
@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ class AutofillEntry;
class AutofillProfile;
class AutofillTableTest;
class CreditCard;
+class WebDatabase;
struct FormFieldData;
@@ -114,9 +115,14 @@ class Time;
class AutofillTable : public WebDatabaseTable {
- AutofillTable(sql::Connection* db, sql::MetaTable* meta_table);
+ AutofillTable();
virtual ~AutofillTable();
- virtual bool Init() OVERRIDE;
+ // Retrieves the AutofillTable* owned by |database|.
+ static AutofillTable* FromWebDatabase(WebDatabase* db);
+ virtual WebDatabaseTable::TypeKey GetTypeKey() const OVERRIDE;
+ virtual bool Init(sql::Connection* db, sql::MetaTable* meta_table) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool IsSyncable() OVERRIDE;
virtual bool MigrateToVersion(int version,
const std::string& app_locale,
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