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Issue 11205004: Fix bug 145175: [Win] Frameless app windows are not resizable if no draggable region is specified (Closed)

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5 years ago by jianli
5 years ago
chromium-reviews,, Aaron Boodman,, tfarina


Fix bug 145175: [Win] Frameless app windows are not resizable if no draggable region is specified This happens because RWHV is created for the new RVH instead of the existing RVH associated with the web contents when navigating a web contents to extension URL (see When ShellWindowViews tries to set the clickthrough region for resizing purpose, it fails due to no RWHV for the existing RVH. The fix is to make the native window do it again when RWHV is available after RVH is updated. BUG=145175 TEST=Manual test by launching and resizing frameless window without draggable region specified Committed:

Patch Set 1 #

Total comments: 1

Patch Set 2 : Make new method pure virtual #

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Patch Set 3 : Patch to land #


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5 years ago (2012-10-17 21:50:01 UTC) #1
5 years ago (2012-10-17 22:56:45 UTC) #2
jeremya File chrome/browser/ui/extensions/native_shell_window.h (right): chrome/browser/ui/extensions/native_shell_window.h:41: virtual void RenderViewHostChanged() {} It might be better to ...
5 years ago (2012-10-17 22:57:33 UTC) #3
On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 3:57 PM, <> wrote: > > http://codereview.chromium.**org/11205004/diff/1/chrome/** > browser/ui/extensions/native_**shell_window.h<> ...
5 years ago (2012-10-17 23:06:06 UTC) #4
Yeah, it's a bit of a pain to add all the implementations of it everywhere. ...
5 years ago (2012-10-17 23:14:08 UTC) #5
New patch uploaded to make it pure virtual. On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 4:13 ...
5 years ago (2012-10-17 23:15:53 UTC) #6
Ben, could you please review the patch? Thanks.
5 years ago (2012-10-22 21:24:42 UTC) #7
Ben Goodger (Google)
lgtm File chrome/browser/ui/extensions/native_shell_window.h (right): chrome/browser/ui/extensions/native_shell_window.h:38: // Called when the RenderViewHost is changed. this ...
5 years ago (2012-10-23 16:13:35 UTC) #8
commit-bot: I haz the power
CQ is trying da patch. Follow status at
5 years ago (2012-10-23 20:01:08 UTC) #9
commit-bot: I haz the power
5 years ago (2012-10-23 22:09:12 UTC) #10
Change committed as 163698
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