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Unified Diff: Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderQuote.cpp

Issue 10919103: Merge 125476 (Closed) Base URL:
Patch Set: Created 8 years, 3 months ago
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Index: Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderQuote.cpp
--- Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderQuote.cpp (revision 127623)
+++ Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderQuote.cpp (working copy)
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
* Copyright (C) 2011 Nokia Inc. All rights reserved.
+ * Copyright (C) 2012 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
@@ -56,16 +57,165 @@
DEFINE_STATIC_LOCAL(QuotesMap, staticQuotesMap, ());
if (staticQuotesMap.size())
return staticQuotesMap;
- // FIXME: Expand this table to include all the languages in
- staticQuotesMap.set("en", QuotesData::create(U("\x201C"), U("\x201D"), U("\x2018"), U("\x2019")).leakRef());
- staticQuotesMap.set("no", QuotesData::create(U("\x00AB"), U("\x00BB"), U("\x2039"), U("\x203A")).leakRef());
- staticQuotesMap.set("ro", QuotesData::create(U("\x201E"), U("\x201D")).leakRef());
- staticQuotesMap.set("ru", QuotesData::create(U("\x00AB"), U("\x00BB"), U("\x201E"), U("\x201C")).leakRef());
+ // Table of quotes from
+ #define QUOTES_LANG(lang, o1, c1, o2, c2) staticQuotesMap.set(lang, QuotesData::create(U(o1), U(c1), U(o2), U(c2)).leakRef())
+ QUOTES_LANG("af", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("agq", "\x201e", "\x201d", "\x201a", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ak", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("am", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ar", "\x201d", "\x201c", "\x2019", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("asa", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("az-Cyrl", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("bas", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201e", "\x201c");
+ QUOTES_LANG("bem", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("bez", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("bg", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("bm", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("bn", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("br", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("brx", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("bs-Cyrl", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ca", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x00ab", "\x00bb");
+ QUOTES_LANG("cgg", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("chr", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("cs", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("da", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("dav", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("de", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("de-CH", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("dje", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("dua", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("dyo", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("dz", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ebu", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ee", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("el", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("en", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("en-GB", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("es", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x00ab", "\x00bb");
+ QUOTES_LANG("et", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("eu", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x00ab", "\x00bb");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ewo", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("fa", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ff", "\x201e", "\x201d", "\x201a", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("fi", "\x201d", "\x201d", "\x2019", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("fr", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x00ab", "\x00bb");
+ QUOTES_LANG("fr-CA", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("fr-CH", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("gsw", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("gu", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("guz", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ha", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("he", "\x0022", "\x0022", "\x0027", "\x0027");
+ QUOTES_LANG("hi", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("hr", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("hu", "\x201e", "\x201d", "\x00bb", "\x00ab");
+ QUOTES_LANG("id", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ig", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("it", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ja", "\x300c", "\x300d", "\x300e", "\x300f");
+ QUOTES_LANG("jgo", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("jmc", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("kab", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("kam", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("kde", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("kea", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("khq", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ki", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("kkj", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2039", "\x203a");
+ QUOTES_LANG("kln", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("km", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("kn", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ko", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ksb", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ksf", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("lag", "\x201d", "\x201d", "\x2019", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("lg", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ln", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("lo", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("lt", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201e", "\x201c");
+ QUOTES_LANG("lu", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("luo", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("luy", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("lv", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("mas", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("mer", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("mfe", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("mg", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("mgo", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("mk", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ml", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("mr", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ms", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("mua", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("my", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("naq", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("nb", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("nd", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("nl", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("nmg", "\x201e", "\x201d", "\x00ab", "\x00bb");
+ QUOTES_LANG("nn", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("nnh", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("nus", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("nyn", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("pl", "\x201e", "\x201d", "\x00ab", "\x00bb");
+ QUOTES_LANG("pt", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("pt-PT", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("rn", "\x201d", "\x201d", "\x2019", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ro", "\x201e", "\x201d", "\x00ab", "\x00bb");
+ QUOTES_LANG("rof", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ru", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201e", "\x201c");
+ QUOTES_LANG("rw", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("rwk", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("saq", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sbp", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("seh", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ses", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sg", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("shi", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201e", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("shi-Tfng", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201e", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("si", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sk", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sl", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sn", "\x201d", "\x201d", "\x2019", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("so", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sq", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sr", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sr-Latn", "\x201e", "\x201c", "\x201a", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sv", "\x201d", "\x201d", "\x2019", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("sw", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("swc", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ta", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("te", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("teo", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("th", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ti-ER", "\x2018", "\x2019", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("to", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("tr", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("twq", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("tzm", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("uk", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x201e", "\x201c");
+ QUOTES_LANG("ur", "\x201d", "\x201c", "\x2019", "\x2018");
+ QUOTES_LANG("vai", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("vai-Latn", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("vi", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("vun", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("xh", "\x2018", "\x2019", "\x201c", "\x201d");
+ QUOTES_LANG("xog", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("yav", "\x00ab", "\x00bb", "\x00ab", "\x00bb");
+ QUOTES_LANG("yo", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("zh", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ QUOTES_LANG("zh-Hant", "\x300c", "\x300d", "\x300e", "\x300f");
+ QUOTES_LANG("zu", "\x201c", "\x201d", "\x2018", "\x2019");
+ #undef QUOTES_LANG
return staticQuotesMap;
static const QuotesData* basicQuotesData()
+ // FIXME: The default quotes should be the fancy quotes for "en".
static const QuotesData* staticBasicQuotes = QuotesData::create(U("\""), U("\""), U("'"), U("'")).leakRef();
return staticBasicQuotes;
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