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Issue 10919034: Merge 124689 - Disabling eval changes the timing of DidCreateScriptContext (Closed)

8 years, 3 months ago by karen
8 years, 3 months ago
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Merge 124689 - Disabling eval changes the timing of DidCreateScriptContext Reviewed by Eric Seidel. When we implemented Content-Security-Policy, we added the ability to disable eval in the JavaScript engine. However, when we process the Content-Security-Policy header, we might not have initialized the script context for the given frame. Previously, we would initialize the context, but that generates a DidCreateScriptContext callback to the embedder earlier in the Document's lifetime that before. A natural thing to do in this callback is to run script to customize the script context, but Document isn't fully initialized yet, which leads to odd bugs and general confusion. In this patch, we delay actually disabling eval until we would have created the scripting context previously. From the perspective of the web platform, this has the same behavior. The only difference is that now the DidCreateScriptContext notification occurs at the same time regardless of whether Content-Security-Policy disables eval. I tried to write a test for this change, but it was unclear to me how to write a good test. I tried writing a Chromium WebKit unit test to no avail. The good news is that this patch will be covered by the PlatformAppBrowserTest.Iframes test in Chromium once lands. That's not the best way to test this change, but it might be sufficient. * bindings/js/ScriptController.cpp: (WebCore::ScriptController::initScript): (WebCore::ScriptController::disableEval): * bindings/v8/ScriptController.cpp: (WebCore::ScriptController::enableEval): (WebCore::ScriptController::disableEval): * bindings/v8/V8DOMWindowShell.cpp: (WebCore::V8DOMWindowShell::initContextIfNeeded): Committed:

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